Monday, February 17, 2014

Relaxing Day

Well the weather has been pretty crappy here lately. Very foggy and cold. Many events in the mountains have been postponed due to the fog. We're suppose to be going to women's biathlon tonight at 7pm, but they need to announce the men's time first because theirs got cancelled last night. Anyways I'm glad that today is a relaxing day because now I get to sleep and try to get healthy again. I'm getting sick :( 
Ok well we'll keep you posted with what's going on with biathlon when we find out more. For now, here are some pics of cross country skiing from yesterday.

In total, we must have walked at least 8 miles yesterday. We literally walked up a mountain, down a mountain, and around a mountain. I am not exaggerating. 
^ This was Saturday night after the big hockey game. These two Russians congratulated us on our win. When they showed us their Yekaterinburg flag they started naming off all the Russian hockey players that are from there. Then we told them that Yekaterinburg is near my birth town, Artyomovsky. Then we got a pic with them(: 

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