Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday funday

Ali will probably be mad that I am posting but she has been a little under the weather and  sleepy today - she's taking her second nap of the day right now (on the bus).  We had a little transportation mixup trying to head down to Olympic park so we are going to be a little late to the Canada Finland hockey game tonight. with implications for USA.  If the game is settled in regulation, we will play winner of Latvia / Switzerland on weds.  If the game goes to OT or shootout, we play the winner of Czech / Slovakia on weds.  I want Canada to lose (obviously).  Go Finland. 

We went the men's 10km cross country skiing relay today.  It took us about two hrs to get there.  Pictures later, but lets just say we were WAY high up the mountains.  Putin was at the event, which is good because Russia took silver.  The USA team didn't perform well at all.  Highlight of that event was the crazy fans from Norway.  Definitely their sport (well, and the Swedes, Danes, etc.).  Weather was not nice today - 30s up in the mountains with lots of fog. 

Oh, last thing. We had pizza for lunch today in Rosa Khutor.   It was very good. 

Suomi, Suomi, Suomi!!!   Google it. 

Excuse typos - posting from Russian smartphone. 

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