Monday, February 17, 2014

Last Mountain Day..

Well today we went to women's biathalon in the mountains. It was interesting. The whole thing only lasted about a half hour or so. We didn't any shooting because of where we were but it was still pretty fun. It only took us about an hour to get to the venue because we actually took the correct ski lifts this time. Yesterday was just a disaster. Anyways, today was our last mountain day. Our trip is sadly coming to an end :( 
Marc and I were talking earlier about how used to Sochi we are and how everything is just so familiar and to us now. We were saying that going back to America will be so weird (for a few days at least). 
Biathalon wasn't until 7pm so until then we just tried to kill some time. We went to the mall and did some more grocery shopping. We're actually getting a lot better at it. We bought some Russian bagel cookies and Nutella. It sounds weird but that's what it looks like and they're actually pretty good. Marc just googled the actually name they are called bublok. 
After biathlon we went over to Rosa Khutor and had some dinner at a sushi and burger place. It was good. Then we went to a concert that was on our way to the bus station. It was really loud and exciting. I will post some videos after this post.
Tomorrow we have speed skating. That'll be fun! 
Also, our last event is Wednesday. Which is a quaterfinal hockey game. We had a one in four chance of us getting the USA game and we got it!! So our last day will be awesome! Especially if we win! We play the winner of the Czech/Slovakia game. They play tomorrow. Let's hope Slovakia wins because we beat them 7-1 last time. 
Here's some pics of biathalon: 
^ One of the ski lifts that was just a bench and a rope. Mom, this is the lift I was talking about earlier. I was kinda scared to go on it. Don't really trust the Russians 
Must of been at least 7ft of snow ^

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