Monday, February 10, 2014

On our way to sochi

Crazy morning so far!!  We left the hotel around 630 this morning in a taxi on our way to the train station.  That part was fine - I had prenegotiated the fare with the help of the hotel staff.  Once we got to paveletsky train station, we were very much on our own.  A thousand people, a hundred kiosks that looked the same, and no English.  We wandered around for a minute but didn't have much time - 15 min to be exact.  Eventually, Ali figured out the word for the airport - A3P03KCNPECC domodedovo, but the rest of the screens were unreadable.  Finally I found a kiosk with an english button and we got two tickets.  With some help from a guy outside. who could tell we were lost, we got on our train with 5 minutes to spare.  Its a 40 min ride to the airport from here.  Hopefully there is.more English signage at DME....

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