Monday, February 10, 2014

Another word on Moscow

It's 10:50pm here. Marc's asleep and I will be too right after I finish this post. 
The culture here is totally different than America. People are always dressed nicely and they love to smoke. People are allowed to smoke pretty much anywhere they want. Inside hotels, buildings, restaurants, the street, etc. 
Also, Moscow has about 3 or 4 malls all within less than a mile. There is a very nice underground mall that is 3 levels. People from the Buffalo, NY area.. Think of the Galleria Mall, but a whole lot bigger, fancier, and more expensive. And imagine it underground.
Well that's it for tonight. I hope you are enjoying the blog and we will continue to post regularly and share our thoughts and pictures. Next, will be the Olympics and Marc and I cannot wait! GO USA!!! (:

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