Friday, February 21, 2014

Almost home

I'm in Charlotte, NC and Marc is still stuck at JFK. His flight to Chicago was delayed four hours so he switched to a flight in the morning from LGA. Now he gets to spend sometime with our brother Brad who lives in NYC. Marc should be at Brad's apartment. He hasn't answered me. Anyways, I'm at my gate waiting for my flight to Savannah. It boards at 10:05pm so I should be boarding soon. I can't wait to go home and sleep in my bed. It's been a lonnggggg day. Almost 24 hours of flying. Still haven't slept. I'm exhausted. I'll probabaly sleep in the car on the way home haha. I always do. Ok well I'll let u guys know when I'm home. Tomorrow I will post more pics of Russia and do a little reflection on my trip. After that, I will be done with the blog. Hope you guys have enjoyed it so far! 

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