Sunday, February 9, 2014

We're not in America anymore..

It's 7:00pm here and we just got back from exploring Moscow. We walked around Red Sqaure, saw the Kremlin, went inside St. Basil's Cathedral, went into about three different malls and almost got arrested we thought. 
We were walking around the mall and Marc somehow set off an alarm and we didn't know, and a security guy came and started speaking to us in Russian, and we have no idea what he is saying. We're like "English, English. We don't understand!" And he just keeps talking in Russian and points to us where to walk. So we're standing there with the security guard, having no idea what we did or what is going on or what is going to happen. Then another guy comes with a like a security wand. He looks at us, then tells us to leave. We were scared out of our minds and so confused. I guess other than that, our Moscow experience has been amazing and quite an experience. 
We are staying at an amazing hotel! The people working here are very nice and extremely helpful. 
One thing that is very different from America, is that you are constantly being watched via security cameras, police, and military men. I guess it's nice for security and safety reasons, but because we're Americans, they stare at us with that "cold Russian stare." 
Marc will post pictures of what we saw today later. We do not have a laptop with us. Only a tablet, iPad, iPod, our iPhones, and an international phone that we bought. I took many pictures on the camera, but unfortunately we have no way of uploading them. I will do that when we get back to America. We took some pics on Marc's iPhone, and those are what he will upload, so stay tuned. 


  1. So exciting!! I wish you guys the very best! Gorgeous!! Enjoy the cross-cultural experience through some of the best performances the world can offer!! I would LUV to go to St. Petersburg & tour The Hermitage! I must say I'm just a tad jealous!! Safe travels to both of you!

  2. It will be fun to follow your adventures. I learned about you from an article in the Island packet.