Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sochi Day 2

It's 3:30pm. Well today was off to a good start. At breakfast we saw Alex Flanagan, the NBC and NFL sports reporter eating next to us and we got to talk to her about Notre Dame and the Olympics and some other stuff. Great day for Marc to be wearing his ND lanyard!! She was very nice! She has been covering cross country skiing and biathlon. Today was her day off.
After breakfast we got onto the bus to take us to the ski lifts, then to the alpine center to watch the women's alpine skiing. We had four girls competing. They did well, but the Swiss dominated the competition. Alpine skiing is very cool!
The weather is so funny here. You would expect the temp to be cold up in the mountains, but no. It was very warm and sunny up there. Marc says close to 50. We were almost sweating. 
We were sitting next to a couple from Las Vegas and they were very nice. At the end, they gave me a USA pin. 
On the way back to the hotel we met a guy that used to live on Hilton Head Island. He saw Marc's Salty Dog croakies and he and Marc talked the whole way back. 
Once we got back to the ground, we went grocery shopping for the first time in Russia. We bought some pop, water, gummies, chips, and crackers. We were so happy when we found the crackers (: They don't have peanut butter though. That's what we were looking for. They're big on Nutella. 
Right now we are in the hotel room killing time until we have to leave for luge tonight. 
Marc is uploading some videos that we took of ski jumping last night. Stay tuned for that. I will post pics and videos of alpine skiing after this post. 

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  1. Europe as a whole is big on Nutella. I have been to France, Italy, Austria, and Germany and have never seen it.