Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Luge Doubles

It's 9:26pm. Just tried to FaceTime mom but she was subbing for somebody.. Oops! Haha I guess I'll call back later. Also, I think it's a sign that you miss your parents when everyone you see starts to look like them. Which is funny because we FaceTime them everyday. But it's not the same. 
Anyways, Marc and I did a lot of walking today. There were so many flights of stairs to climb at the Alpine Center. Then at luge, there was a lot of declined and inclined walking. Marc said, "you have to be an Olympian just to get to your seat." 
We had to run to catch our bus a couple times today. The first time we missed it and just starting walking around. The second time we actually made it! It's safe to say that we got our work out in today. I think Marc and I will have lost at least 10 pounds by the time we get back to the USA. 
Oh and I forgot to say this in a previous post. We have seen a few stray dogs walking around. Marc is scared by them.. Afraid of what they might do. I, on the other hand, feel bad for them and I wish I could take some home and safe them. 
Another comparison of Sochi and Disney: pin trading. People love to trade pins and put them on their lanyard. Just like at the World Showcase in Epcot. 
Ok now back to luge. I went into it thinking it would be kind of boring, but it was actually really fun in a strange kind of way. They go by so fast and it took Marc and I a few tries to finally snap a picture. It's amazing at how fast they go! They must be going at least 85mph. Anyways, it was really fun and definitely something to see sometime in your life. 
Ok enough with the talking. Now what you are probably waiting for.. PICTURES!!

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