Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye Moscow..

It's 9:30pm here. Well that wraps up our Moscow trip. Next stop: Sochi.. For the Winter Olympics! Moscow is a great city and very historical. The people here were very nice. Many of them knew English, which I was very surprised about. Also, people who didn't know English were nice to us also. They pointed us to where we should go and nodded. My mom said the reason why they are so nice to us is because that they can tell I am Russian and they don't want to be mean to their own kind. I'm not sure if I agree with her, but I guess it could be true. When my parents were here 16 years ago, they said that people were mean to them. So maybe me being Russian is the key. I dunno.. What do you guys think?
One thing that I noticed about Russians, mainly women, is that they are very skinny. Russian men also love to wear skinny jeans apparently. Another thing I noticed is that all Russians have very distinct cheek bones. 
I think my favorite part about Moscow was seeing and walking around Red Square. The audio tour of the Kremlin was also pretty awesome. Marc and I both learned a lot. It was amazing to see all the carriages, royal gifts, weapons, clothing, and the craftsmanship of everything. I just wish we could have taken pics, but it wasn't allowed :( 
Alright, well Moscow it's been real.. Maybe you'll see me again someday.

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